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2-day perfect trip to Amritsar

Amritsar- The Shaan of Punjab

Amritsar is a city in the northwest Indian state of Punjab. It is the spiritual and cultural center of the Sikh religion and is home to the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), one of the most important religious sites for Sikhs. The city is also known for its rich history and culture, and delicious food, including the famous kulcha and Amritsari fish. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre, one of the most infamous events of the British Raj, took place in Amritsar in 1919. (Let’s start the trip to Amritsar)

trip to Amritsar
trip to Amritsar

How to Reach

Amritsar is one of the popular cities in the district of Punjab. It has connectivity via railways, roadways, and airways. Amritsar is well connected to all the major cities by road. You can take National Highway 1 (NH1) and National Highway 54 (NH54) to reach Amritsar.

Delhi to Amritsar distance

Delhi to Amritsar distance is around 459Km. It will take around 1 complete day to travel to amritsar from delhi.

Trip to Amritsar has also connected very well to all the major railway stations of India such as Delhi, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra, Mumbai, etc. This city also has an Airport, named Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport. It is well-connected with Domestic Airlines.

trip to Amritsar
trip to Amritsar

Places to Visit in Trip to Amritsar

A 2-day trip to Amritsar can be a memorable and enlightening experience. The city is rich in history, culture, and religion. Some of the must-see attractions here include:

1. The Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple): Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple, is a prominent Sikh gurdwara located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. The temple is built around a man-made pool that was completed by Guru Ram Das in 1577. The temple’s central shrine is a stunning building with golden gilded walls and a dome covered in gold leaf.

It is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites for Sikhs and thousands of devotees visit it every day. It is also open to people of all religions and backgrounds. The temple complex also includes the Akal Takht, which is the highest seat of authority for Sikhs, as well as a museum and library.

The Langar hall is another important feature, where a free community kitchen serves meals to all visitors, regardless of religion, caste, or economic status. The temple is a beautiful blend of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles and is considered a masterpiece of Sikh architecture. This would be a great way to start your trip to amritsar.

Golden Temple, Amritsar
Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar.

This is the most important religious site for Sikhs and is visited by thousands of devotees every day. It is a stunningly beautiful temple made of gold and marble, located in the middle of a tranquil tank. The Golden Temple allows you to get a picturesque view in the Evening.

2. Jallianwala Bagh: Jallianwala Bagh is a public garden in Amritsar, Punjab, India, where, on April 13, 1919, British Indian Army soldiers killed hundreds of unarmed Punjabi civilians who were participating in a peaceful protest against colonial rule. The event is widely considered to be one of the worst atrocities committed by the British Raj in India, and it remains a highly sensitive and controversial topic in India and the United Kingdom.

Martyr’s memorial at Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar.

This historic garden marks the site of a brutal massacre by British troops in 1919. It is now a national monument and a poignant reminder of India’s struggle for independence. Jallianwala Bagh is one of the must-visit places in Amritsar, as it is a classical epitome of Indian history. The walls still have the bullet marks which were fired by General Dyer.

3. The Wagah Border: This is the border crossing between India and Pakistan. The Wagah border ceremony, also known as the “Beating the Retreat” ceremony, is a daily military practice that the security forces of both countries have jointly followed since 1959. The ceremony takes place at the border gate, and it includes a parade and lowering of the flags of both countries. It is a popular tourist attraction and is attended by a large number of people from both sides of the border every day.

Indian Border Security Force personnel (dressed in brown) and Pakistani Rangers (dressed in black) take part in the Beating Retreat ceremony on the occasion of India’s Republic Day at the India-Pakistan Wagah border post, some 35 km from Amritsar on January 26, 2022.

It’s a must-see, where the famous Beating Retreat ceremony takes place every evening.

4. The Durgiana Temple: This temple is also known as the Laxmi Narayan Temple and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. This temple is also built with gold and it has some of the same architecture as the Golden Temple. The Sarovar which surrounds the temple has water from all the major rivers across India including Indus, Bramhaputra, and Ganga.

5. The Ram Tirath: This is an ancient site that is believed to be the birthplace of Luv and Kush, the sons of Lord Rama.

6. The Gobindgarh Fort: Gobindgarh Fort is a fort located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. The fort was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the ruler of the Sikh Empire, in the late 18th century. It served as a military fortress and as the residence of the Maharaja and his family. The fort has a complex network of underground tunnels, and it was considered to be impregnable. It was also the site of many battles during the British Raj. This 18th-century fort is a great place to learn about the history and culture of the Punjab region.

7. The street markets of Amritsar are famous for their traditional Punjabi handicrafts, textiles, and trinkets.

Streets of Amritsar

You should also consider visiting nearby towns such as Tarn Taran and Goindwal Sahib, which are important religious sites for Sikhs.

Food in Amritsar

Amritsar’s food is famous for its richness and variety, with specialties such as Amritsari kulcha, Amritsari fish, and lassi. The city is famous for its street food, so it’s worth exploring the local markets and street vendors to find some hidden gems. Some of the most popular dishes here are Amritsari Kulcha, Chole Bhature, Tandoori Chicken, Makki di Roti, and Sarson da Saag, Lassi, Amritsari Fish and Langar wali Daal

Some of the Famous places to try these cuisines are:

  1. Kesar da Dhaba: A popular and historic restaurant that serves traditional Punjabi dishes. It is known for its rich and creamy dal makhani, butter chicken, and tandoori dishes.
  2. Brothers Dhaba: A famous restaurant that is known for its authentic Punjabi cuisine, especially its tandoori dishes and dal makhani.
  3. Bharawan da Dhaba: A popular eatery that serves traditional Punjabi food. It’s known for its delicious Chhole Bhature and Amritsari kulcha.
  4. Bharat Hotel: A historic restaurant that has been serving traditional Punjabi food for over 100 years. It’s famous for its Punjabi thali and traditional Punjabi dishes.
  5. Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner: A popular street food vendor that serves delicious Amritsari fish and tandoori chicken.
  6. Guru Ram Das Langar Hall: A community kitchen located inside the Golden Temple complex, serves free meals to all visitors, regardless of religion, caste, gender, or economic status.

These are just a few examples, but there are many other great places to eat in Amritsar. It’s a good idea to ask locals for recommendations or explore the city’s food markets and street vendors to discover some hidden gems.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this beautiful place is from October to March. Although the cold is at its peak in the months of December and January. One must carry proper stock of woolen clothes if traveling in these months. Summers are usually not the best time to visit this place because the temperature goes as up as 45 degrees.


Places to stay are not that expensive in Amritsar until you have opted for a luxury stay. A basic trip budget for a 2-day trip can be between 5000INR – 10000INR. The luxurious stays can cost you up to 25,000 INR.

Amritsar city has one of the purest vibes in the entire country. The nature of the localities is very friendly and it is suitable for all the people coming across the globe. If you’re looking for a family trip, Amritsar is the perfect Destination

The mesmerizing view of Harmandir Sahib in the evening.

So this was the end of the article- a 2-day perfect trip to Amritsar! I hope you liked it, if so, kindly read our other articles too-

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